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ASV5910+-1 Noise dosimeter
ASV5910+-1 Noise dosimeter ASV5910+-1 Noise dosimeter ASV5910+-1 Noise dosimeter ASV5910+-1 Noise dosimeter ASV5910+-1 Noise dosimeter ASV5910+-1 Noise dosimeter
ASV5910+-1 Noise dosimeter
Model ASV 5910+ noise dosimeter is used for personal noise exposure measurements around the workpalce. With attactive design, the ASV 5910 is mini-sized and easy to cooperate.
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Key Features


■ Attractive design, mini-sized and weighs only 85g

■  Modular design, cable-free and dual channels

■  Comply with IEC61672, IEC61252 and ANSI S1.25

■  Rechargeable lithium polymer battery

■  Software package, downloads to PC

■  Variety mounting methods

Product Uses

■  Precision noise measurement

■  Sound level logging and precision recording

■  Personal noise exposure measurement in the workplace

■  Occupational noise evaluation

Technical Specifications
    Model: ASV5910+-1 Noise Dosimeter

    Applied Standards:


    IEC 61252:2002 Personal Sound Exposure Meters,

    IEC61672-2002,Class 2;

    ANSI S1.25:1991 Personal Noise Dosimeters 


    1/4 inch prepolarized condenser field replaceable threaded microphone


    Dual channels

    Measurement Range:


    Peak C Measuring Range:   

    70 to 143dBC

    Frequency Range:                

    20Hz to 12.5kHz

    Frequency Weightings:        

    Parallel (simultaneous) A, C, Z for each channel

    Time Weightings:                

    Parallel (simultaneous) F, S, I, Peak for each channel

    Selectable thresholds :         

    40 to 90dB

    Exchange rates:                   

    3, 4, 5 and 6   

    Selectable criterion:             

    70 to 90dB

    Dose exposure measurement range:

    0.01Pa²h ~ 99.99Pa²h

    Noise dose measuring range:

    0% ~ 9999%

    Integrating time

    1 second ~ 24 hours

    Memory capacity:                


    Data logging  interval

    1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min and 20 min.

    Calibration information:      

    Calibration dates, times, and levels

    Internal software function:  

    Integrating Function,  Statistical Analysis Function


    Lock via keys

    Power supply:                       

    Rechargeable lithium polymer battery  

    Battery life:                          

    Over 36 hours run capacity





    Working Temperature:        



    128×64 LCD


    Mini USB port

    Measure Parameters:


    LXYp,  LXeq,T,  LXYmax,  LXYmin,  LN (Note:  X is A, C, Z; Y is F, S, I; N can be 1-99)

    SEL,  Lex,8h,  Lavg, TWA,  DOSE,  E,  SD,  LXpeak

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