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AWA5688 Sound Level Meter



1.  A handhold noise measuring instrument

2.  Multifunction and user- friendly sound level meter(sound level meter, integrating SLM, 1/1 OCT, 1/3 OCT analyzer, FFT analyzer, Noise dosimeter)

3. 240×320 color screen

4. Measurement range up to 133dB

5. Synchronously do integrating measure, statistical, real-time 1/1 OCT, 1/3 OCT, FFT analysis and noise dosimeter measure

6. Comply with IEC 61672 Class 2 and IEC61260 Class 2 and IEC 61252

7.    mark





1. Comprehensive noise measurements

2. Environment noise certification

3. Noise profile measurement of industrial noise 

4. Peak C sound level measurements

5. Impulse noise measurements 

6. Workplace noise assessments

7. Industry boundary assessments



Fulfills Standards

IEC 61672 Class 2

IEC 61260 Class 2



1/2” prepolarized condenser microphone for free field (Sensitivity Level: -36dB)


AWA14602 removable preamplifier

Frequency Range

20 Hz ~ 12.5kHz ± 1 dB (not including microphone)

Total Measurement Range


Frequency Weighting.

Parallel (simultaneous) A, C, Z, B, D

Time Weighting

Parallel (simultaneous) F, S, I, Peak

Measurement Parameters

Lxyp, Lxyi, Lxeq,1s, Lxeq,T, LAE, E, Cpeak, LAFmax, LAfmin, LAfeqT, LAseqT, LAieqT.

Note: X is A, C, Z and Y is F, S, I

A/D Bits:

24 bits

Sampling Frequency

32 kHz.


Using Sound Calibrator Class 2 model AWA6221B

Correction Function

Diffusion field correction in order to comply with standards ANSI S1.4


240×320 color screen, adjustable brightness, backlight can be closed

Display Resolution

0.1 dB

Low battery indication

indicate low battery

Data Storage


3328 groups of integrating measuring results only.


(32G SD card memory function is optional)



Internal Clock

Error less than 1 min/month

Output Interface

AC Output (full scale): 1.0V AC RMS; Output Impedance: 1k Ω; Connector: φ3.5 mm stereo plug

DC Output: 20mV/dB; Output Impedance: 1k Ω; Connector: DB-9 plug

RS232 Interface: To computer for output some measurement results instantaneous values , also to mini-printer for printing

Transmission speed: 4800, 9600,115200 bps

USB Interface: available and no need device drive.

Power Supply

4×LR6 alkaline battery or rechargeable batteries

5 V external power supply

Battery Life

Longest time of 30 hours continuously with 4×LR6 alkaline battery


240 (H) x 80 (W) x 30 (D), mm.


0.35 kg. (include batteries)


Type X


Working Temperature: -10 ~ 50 °C

Storing Temperature: -20 ~ 70 °C

Relative Humidity: 25 ~ 90 %


AC adaptor, USB cable, windscreen, hand strap, windscreen fall prevention rubber, carrying case, USB-disk, user’s manual



Type & Name

Main function

AWA5688 host


Host hardware part (Don’t include transducer and software), box, transfer software.

Model AWA14602 Preamplifier

Pre-amplify, gain is 0 dB.

Model AWA14421 measuring microphone

1/2", Prepolarized condenser microphone

Windscreen S 60

Reduce the affection of wind

AH40 Mini-printer

Print measuring result, include connecting line, print paper

extension cable with 5, 10 or 20 m

For  AWA14602 and AWA5688 host

S5688 -10100 Integral software

The noise integral measuring

S5688 -10101 Statistics analytical software

The statistical analysis, 24 hours noise monitors automatically.

S5688 -10202 The OCT analysis software

Noise real-time OCT spectral analysis

S5688 -10303 The 1/3OCT analysis software

Noise real-time 1/3OCT spectral analysis

S5688 -10404 The FFT analysis software

Noise real-time FFT spectral analysis

S5688 -00013 The Noise Dosimeter software

Noise dosimeter measuring

S5688 -00509 The Data Logging software

Do data logging

32G SD memory card& recording

GPS positioning modular

Bluetooth function

Tripod (1.46m Height)

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